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legend: * - het fic, # - gen fic. stories are listed by fandom, from freshest to stalest.

All podfic is now housed here.


inception100 drabbles: indexed here. Various pairings.*#

All Roads Lead to You. Arthur/Cobb.
Written for i_reversebang.

Post-Inception. After a job goes wrong, Arthur and Cobb have to deal with the fall out. Sliiiiiiiiight crossover with TSN.

The Deception Curve. Arthur/Cobb. Implied Yusuf/Eames.
Written for inception_bang; prompt from paitac.

There's very little Arthur trusts in the dreamscape, and he never thought he'd have to take himself off that list.

As Dreamers Do. Arthur/Cobb. Some Cobb/Mal.*
Written for this prompt at inception_kink. Five ways they didn't meet each other (and one way they did).

all the pretty little horses. Arthur/Cobb.
Now complete with limbo, and architectural metaphors, this was an experimental piece written for this prompt at inception_kink: Deep kissing in the rain.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss. Arthur/Cobb.
Originally written for this prompt at inception_kink: Cobb kisses Arthur on the job, but doesn't think it will be a big deal, because Arthur is his unfailing point man and what's one meaningless kiss between colleagues and friends? Only it turns out it's not so meaningless, and this is an awkward-as-hell way to realize your best friend is in love with you.

The First Rule. Arthur/Cobb.
It's part of the job description, knowing what Dom needs before Dom does.

Ficlets / Comment fic:
That's What Girls Do. Eames/girl!Yusuf. For the kink meme.
The In-Between. Arthur/Cobb. For the kink meme.
Wherein Arthur reads Twilight and Eames reads Harry Potter and a battle of the fandoms ensue. Arthur, Eames, Ariadne.# For the kink meme.
Sleeping Stars. Joe/Leo. RPS. For the kink meme.
Wherein Arthur and Cobb are walking contradictions. Arthur/Cobb-ish. For the kink meme.
A Time to Eat. Arthur/Cobb-ish. For the kink meme.


sticks and stones (the but words are just reactions remix). David/David.
For the calledmelovely remix challenge. Original by odi_et_amo53.

he comes to you first.

Salem's Academy for Wizards (the Tales Mama Forgot to Tell You remix). David/David.
For the calledmelovely remix challenge. Original by aohatsu.

Even Wizards can screw up administrative work.

count the money and the miles back home to you. David/David. Sort of.
For aohatsu, as part of help_japan.

A Percy Jackson AU.

And a Bottle of Rum. David/David.
Because Pri asked for Pirate!Cook and Ninja!Archie. And what Pri wants, Pri gets. Also because I will take any excuse to write fake!dating/engagement/wedding etc.

Harry Potter and the American Hullaballoo. David/David; Harry/Ron.
An AU crossover with Harry Potter, written for solarbaby614 for cookleta_hols.

Wherein Cook frets, Michael teases, Carly yells, and Harry and Ron have impeccable timing.

i miss you like you were mine. David Archuleta/Michael Castro.
Set in the Asshole!Cook 'verse. An alternate-ish ending.

Jackie's looking at you, head cocked, when you finally manage to tear your gaze away.

"What?" you snap.

"You're totally stupid for him," she says, shaking her head as she throws an unfluffed kernel at you. "It's sweet."

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage. David/David. Mpreg!
For jehane_writes, who bid on me in the charity auction. She asked for mpreg as a joke, and. Well. ~8600 words.

It's a whole month and twenty-five days after he tells Archie, quietly, "hey, man, I know last night wasn't--are we still cool?"; a whole month and twenty-five days after Archie pulls the covers up to his chin, awkwardly, looks down at his knees and smiles without meaning it as he says, "Yeah. Yes, Cook, of course. We - we're cool."; it's a whole month and twenty-five days without phone calls or texts or tweets before Cook calls him.

Not With A Bang. David/David.
The first of musicboxgirl's charity auction ficlets. She asked for something involving the Winchester boys, aaaaaaaand I somehow ended up with Apocolyptic fic.

The earthquake hits twelve minutes after the news goes live.

Kaleidoscopic. Jason/Michael Castro. Incest!
There are three things in life Michael knows, like faith he was practically born into. One, you do things right, or you don't do them at all. Two, he's a fast learner, always has been. Three, Jason doesn't know how to say no to him.

The Little Drummer Boy. David/David. David/Kim.* (+1)
a Battle of the Bands AU.

It starts with a bang, with a flurry of bright lights, big city, and new gigs every day.

Merry Men: The Bachelor Recap: Episode One. Episode Two. Episode Three. Episode Four. David/David. David Cook/Several Others. WIP.
You'd think that after 43 seasons, this show would be out of gimmicks. Apparently not.

For those of you who've missed it, the Bachelor is going gay.

Like All Good Fairytales (this one starts with once upon a time). David/David. (extras)
Five lifetimes David and David would have fallen in love.

It's hard to believe the mellow guy folded in the armchair across me is an international rock and roll sensation. But that's David Cook for you through and through. Charming. Enigmatic. Candid. Smart.


And, though he isn't revealing any names just yet, taken.

Future Unknown. David/David. Complete.
An ongoing now completed collaboration with my ridiculously darling wife, hopefulgenius (okay, so I just wanted to name-drop; who wouldn't?). Wherein the boys star in a reality TV show. Now with the most amazing website by starafar.

Song As Old As Rhyme. David/David. (+1)
A Beauty and the Beast AU.

A large, shaggy head appeared in the gateway, followed by - by a huge, skulking mass of fur, fangs bared and glinting deadly in the pale sunlight, claws fanning out like daggers from underneath its fur. Cook let out a yelp, and tripped in his haste to back away. He went sprawling into the snow.

"Um," the - the Beast said, voice a low rumble. "That's right! Run away, you, um, bad - bad human!"

The Stages of Mourning. David Cook.#
This is how he grieves.

Sing Your Melody (I'll Sing Along). David/David.
A Sleeping Beauty AU.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away - farther than either your or my human mind can imagine - there lived a King and his gentle Queen.

Boys and their Toys (or How Youtube Became David Cook's Best Friend). David/David.
Archie's sprawled out on the floor, limbs stretched out at awkward angles. David's rolling chair (Archie's favorite) is beside him, an odd inverted v-shape on the floor. Archie's clutching his laptop to his chest, fingers going white-knuckled from the pressure of holding it shut. "Hi Cook!" Archie says, brightly. "You're home!"

One-Two Step. Jason/Michael Castro; David/David. Incest!
A Cinderella AU.

Everyone who knows David knows that he isn't a fan of costume parties.

Life-Sized. David/David. (+1) (+2)
A Peter Pan AU.

If they'd never left, he would be tucked in the soft, comfy center of his favorite daisy right now, falling asleep. If they'd never left, he'd be watching Cook attempt to teach the other Boys how to fire a crossbow. If they'd never left, he would be doing a million other things that do not involve Captain Cowell and being tied up to a candle on the verge of being lighted up, oh my heck.

4 Times Ellen Got David to Take His Shirt Off, and 1 Time She Couldn't. David/David.#
"I think all of America would like to hear you take your shirt off, David."

Still Standing. David/David. (+1)
Archie freezes, then turns, very slowly, to look at Cook. He frowns--

And suddenly Cook realizes how exhausted he is. It's been such a long day, gosh, and he really needs to rest. He makes an about turn and heads back to his own room, and doesn't think too deeply on why Archie would be wearing a mask and a cape.

Just an Ordinary Love Story (aka the Wedding!Date verse): Prologue. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. David/David. WIP.
Wanted: an escort. Infectious laughter and a wry sense of humor required. Whiskey-smooth voice a plus. Emotional baggage optional.

The Twenty-third First. David/David.
David's pretty sure Cook sees right through him, that Cook knows exactly what he wants. Ever since Carly came out and pretty much told everyone that David's a - a kissing virgin, Cook's been looking at David in a way that makes David's skin flush. A way that makes David wonder if, when Carly said they were going to fix it, if Cook might be--

But then it's three days later, and it's Jason's mouth slanted over David's in a slow, lazy kiss. "Nothing to it, man, you see?" Jason drawls, as soon as it's over, then leans in for more. David says, "but I--" and then lets himself be kissed again.

The BFF AU Verse: The One Time Nothing Happened. The (Ex) Boy Next Door. Never Have I Ever. B is for Best Friends. Me Minus You is a Lonely Ride. Interlude. A Date They Pretend Never Happened. David/David.#
A series of ongoing snippets, in non-chronological order, posted as it strikes the author's fancy, wherein the Davids are best friends, and inspiration is sometimes drawn from Dawson's Creek.

1-sentence ficlets.
Ficlets in 15.
Tennis!AU. Tennis!AU Rafa/Cook.
Archie's album release.
Cookleta with children.
Firefighter!Cook saving Archie.
An intimate Cookleta scene during Idol.
Cookleta/SPN crossover.
Cookleta stranded in the desert.
Cook is Archie's daughter's pediatrician.
Cook and Archie as part of some government special forces FBI team.
Cookleta based on Fever Pitch for quack (for the help_haiti lightning round).
Angsty Cookleta for paitac (for the help_haiti lightning round).
The 10 snippets in 10 genres meme.
Various Cookleta prompts, including a snippet from BFF au.
Various Cookleta/J2/Popslash prompts at the Alphabet Meme. WIP.
Cookleta at the concert of epic.
Time-traveling younger!Cook meets older!Archie.
Cookleta goes grocery shopping.
How and when Cookleta comes out to their fans.
Hot priest!Archie and graphic designer!Cook.


untitled lightning round ficlet. Jacob/Bella; David/David.*
For musicboxgirl (for the help_haiti lightning round). Wherein Jacob signs them both up for American Idol.

while they're throwing the rice. Jacob/Bella.*
In a world that made sense, this is how it would go.

It's a Sunday when she wakes up blanketed in sunlight and too-cold sheets (anything under a hundred and nine is too cold these days).


popslashhigh spin-offs: AJ/Howie | Brian/Howie | Justin/Howie | AJ/Brian/Howie/Nick

__loveis 'verse: Sexually frustrated AJ/Justin for trumpeterofdoom (for the help_haiti lightning round) | In Repair | Slow Dancing In A Burning Room | Dreaming With A Broken Heart

Fic Requests: LaNi dealing with in-laws | Nick's been pining for Howie | Flirty JuNi | AJ/Justin having a domestic tiff | Chris/JC toast | Early days Kevin/Chris | Kevin/Chris and a happily ever after | Brian/Howie locked in a closet for bubbleforest (for the help_haiti lightning round) | Math-Whiz!Nick and Basketball-Star!Justin for pixiebeanz (for the help_haiti lightning round) | Stoned, sexual Timbertrick | Pregnant Juni | AJ/Justin and schmoopy Christmas love | JC turning 30 gives Chris a migraine | Basez and Lance's snowboarding bid | Justin/AJ, and Lynn's issues | Interband interview madness | JC has a tail | LaNi, and Nick tastes like sunshine | Pornstar!Kevin/Fanboy!Lance | Domesticated Juni| Late night squishy Letterboys phonecalls | After-schmoop Basez | JC, Lance, and dancing in the rain | JC wooing Lance | Smexy AJ/Brian/Nick | Sneaky!JC/Lance recording music | College AU, with Lance doing bartop dancing | Too-sweet, cuddly Brian/Howie | Recovering!AJ/Brian | Hurty, alcoholic!AJ/Brian | High-school AU JoeC | Backstreet in a hitmen syndicate | Schizophrenic: JC/OFC.* | Drive: Chris/OFC.* | Overture: JC/Lance.

AJ!Slut series. Multiple pairings. (aaaaaaand an extra.) (and one more.)

An Extra-Ordinary (Love) Life. Justin/Nick.
Set in the Avengers AU. Nick is Buzzkill, Justin is his handler, fake dating and feelings ensue.

Trouble is a Woman. Justin/Chris. Ish.
For the Brave Authors Challenge.

Justin needs to be cuddled. Because Justin is a girl.

Nothing Says Love Like A Pinecone In Your Seat (Or A Frog In Your Pocket). Chris/Brian.

Chris doesn't do well with little pink drinks.

He especially does not do well with little pink drinks that have umbrellas in them.

He especially, especially does not do well with little pink umbrella-ed drinks after he's had, like, four of them. (Or eight. Or twenty-seven. He's maybe lost count. Maybe.)

They Don't Write Romance Like They Used To. Chris/Justin; Chris/JC; JC/Lance.
Written for llamabitchyo, as part of the help_haiti efforts. A bookshop AU.

Chris has known Lance almost twelve years now, so he feels like he has sufficient authority on the matter to conclude that Lance has the luck of the devil.

A Sheepish Kind of Love. Chris/JC; Chris/Justin; Chris/Joey; Chris/Lance.
"C," he'd said, finally, "It's fucking four in the morning, and I'm running out of ways to tell you that loving me is a bad idea. So, don't, okay? Great talk. See you in the morning?"

A One Time Thing (or Why Teenage Boys Are Pussies). Nick/AJ. (+1)
Loosely based on She's All That. Yep, that means we have bet!fic. Featuring Nick as the high school jock, AJ as the drama outcast, Kevin as the overprotective bff, Justin as the token asshole, and Howie as Jiminy Cricket. Also Brian, the man with the Plan.

(You've Got) That Pornstar Flava. Chris/AJ; Chris/JC; Chris/Justin; AJ/Brian; Justin/Nick; AJ/Nick; AJ/Justin; Jensen/Jared; David Cook/David Archuleta.
AJ's only been working there a year and a half, give or take, so Chris can see why he doesn't get it. He's still at the stage where porn is shiny and exciting. Thing is, Chris has been a TRANS-PORN employee for almost twice that. After the first twenty thousand tapes, even the weird sex is boring.

The Future and Beyond. Chris/Nick; AJ/Chris/Nick.
Nick gapes, but Chris, adapt at dealing with new, potentially-threatening situations as always, swears instead. "Jesus fucking Christ. You talk?"

The penguin makes a sound that resembles a snort, and Nick baulks some more. "Yeah," it drawls. "And newsflash? I'm not actually a penguin."

Like Riding a Bike (or Falling in Love). N'sync.#
This is how the reunion happens.

The Way Of The World: the All This Is mix. Chris/Justin.
So. The guys have always maintained that Chris and Justin? Sort of like election campaigns. Inevitable, but pretty much a train wreck of catastrophic proportions waiting to happen.

A Guide To Dealing With Painful Breakups. JC/Lance.
On hindsight, Lance figured he should have seen it coming.

He was in the middle of an important transaction when Chris came barreling into his house, his bedroom, luggage in hand and looking for all the world like he'd just stepped off one of their tour buses. Lance made a mental note to get his locks changed. "Okay," Chris announced. "Call off the SWAT team. I'm here."

Working Definition. AJ/Kevin; AJ/JC.
They met two months ago at the music school where JC teaches, when AJ took Baylee to his guitar class because Brian was out of town on some promotional tour for his latest album and Leigh was down with the flu.

Just Gay Enough: A Tale of Self Discovery: the being-straight-doesn't-pay mix. Cameron/Justin; Justin/Lance.*
Jesus, he can't believe he's going to lose his homosexual-virginity or anus-virginity or whatever -- wait, can an anus be a virgin? Does that make him a virganus? Shit -- oh hey, that's irony, right?

In All the Worlds. JC/Joey; Chris/Justin.

Chris took aim, waiting for the next crucial step. But then the dragon emerged in its entirety, and Chris almost lost his hold on his weapon. "What the..." he trailed off as he lowered his crossbow and shifted slightly to get a closer look.

But there was no doubt about it: there was a man was on the dragon's back.

Evolution. AJ/JC.
"You know," Howie begins, conversationally, as he enters AJ's room, "if you ever need to talk, we're here for you."

"Thanks," AJ replies, on autopilot, looking up from the re-run of I Love Lucy he'd been watching. He raises an eyebrow when Howie doesn't move. "Oh and hey, smart move, you waltzing in here. I mean, why bother knocking? Just open the door and come right in. Never mind the fact that I might have been jerking off butt naked, right?"

Chaptered. Chris/Eminem.
Once upon a time there was a white, fucked up boy who loved dancing. Someone finally found his talent and he became a white, fucked up boy who loved dancing who was rich and famous. But he screwed up along the way, because he was greedy, and one day the world stopped and it was over. He's different now, and in love, but he wishes he'd changed earlier.

Dreaming. Aaron/Nick.
"Another nightmare?" the bed dipped as Nick shifted his weight, and Aaron had to look away. Nick's voice was familiar, and soothing, and he clutched Aaron's icy fingers in his own. "What do you dream about?"

Aaron rocked, slowly, dazedly, as if he hadn't heard, and it was only when he felt Nick's warm, solid chest behind him, enveloping him, real and there, that he swallowed hard, and looked Nick in the eyes to say, "losing you."

Not Like That. Aaron/Nick.
Nick is overly touchy tonight. It's not like it's not bad enough on normal days, with loneliness and fatigue and a need for acknowledgement of the love that flows through their veins with each pumping rush of blood, because Nick has always been the one to initiate contact, desperate and helpless and wanting.

Aaron always gives Nick what he wants, how he wants, because Nick is the only one who will take what Aaron has to give, and never ask for more.

8.13. Justin/Nick.
The water is hot as it pours down on them, down their hair, and faces, and bodies, as they cling to each other, mouths open, clashing. But when Nick pulls away, he wonders why the water tastes salty, and Justin's eyes are almost red, even as he tries to smile.

Night. Chris/Justin.
Drowsily, he lifted a hand and rolled over so his back was pressed against a solid chest. Tender hands wrapped themselves around his body, dancing across his stomach, his back.

"Asshole," he muttered, stirring, "Asshole, m'sleeping."

In Sleep. Justin/Nick.
"I don't want to think tonight," Justin said finally, voice soft, young, "I don't want to remember, Nick."

Twig. Justin/Nick.
You don't realize you've been thinking 'one-sided love can be destructive' over and over again till his silhouette is nothing but a ghost of black against the illuminated sidewalk.

Sometimes I Think. Chris/Justin.
He's staring out the window. One of his favorite pastimes.

When he isn't kicking Joey's ass at 'Bulbasaur's Adventures in Pokemon World', or horsing around with Justin, of course.

Understand. JC/Lance; Chris/JC.
You stare. You don't mean to, but the peaceful rise and fall of his chest captivates you, and you watch, in rapt fascination, as the sunlight splays across his face, angles of light and shadow accentuating his features, trapping the tranquility of the moment. For a second, you almost wish that time would stop, leave you gazing at him, sleeping, never to wake again. For a second, you think, you know, that this could be your whole world.

Steal My Heart: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17. JC/OFC; Lance/OFC; Britney/Justin.* Dead.
Two childhood playmates, who found the meaning of friendship. Four adults, who have yet to find true love. Some call it destiny, others fate. Most say it's just following the heart.


Baby Steps. Dom/Elijah; Billy/Dom.
Six steps to the dissolution of a love story.

In Other Words. Orlando/Viggo.
Orlando is sick of a lot of things.

So Love. Orlando/Viggo.
Orlando just smiled, pretty, pretty boy; young and pretty and headed for the dance floor, blending in with the writhing mass of bodies, so that Viggo couldn’t see him, even when he craned above the crowd.

Runaway. Orlando/Viggo.
The memories just keep hitting him. There’s something that clings to him, in the entire room, from every corner, every object, every single angle of sunlight that wraps the place he practically grew up in in its warmth.

Fairytales. Dom/Orlando.
Orlando glanced at Dom, wincing at the miserable look on Dom's face, Peter's 'you dig a fucking grave for my fucking fish right fucking now!' still ringing in the air as they walked solemnly towards the rest of the crew, who would no doubt want to know what had happened.

Something More. Billy/Dom.
"...I think from the day we got there, we knew it would be something special."

Drinkable. Orlando/Viggo.
That's how Orli and Viggo kiss.

Q&A. Orlando/Viggo.
Dialogue fic. Because awesome is awesome.

Playing Doctor. Orlando/Viggo.
"I... I'm afraid I'll need a bed to fully assess your condition, Mr. Mortensen."

Looking. Orlando/Viggo.
It was a mixture of sweat and heat, sensual and intoxicating, sexy and inviting all at once, and you would shrug, smile, and walk away, before you lost control of yourself, wondering what he would smell like out of costume, a fusion of aftershave and soap, refreshing and breathtaking at once.

Not Supposed To Love You Anymore. Orlando/Viggo.
It always hurt to see him. It hurt so fucking much he thought he might have to excuse himself to be sick somewhere.

Writers' Block. Orlando/Viggo.
You wonder if you've lost the skill of changing every mild emotion into something wild, alive and dancing in vivid swirls of poetry and language.

Heat. Orlando/Viggo.
It's not just the weather.

Something Beautiful. Orlando/Viggo.
Their wordless, silent companionship unnerved others, but they were comfortable with what little they had, progressing, ever-so-slowly, toward what might be.


Not the Boy Who Lived verse: and every breath's a moment. Jigsaw. Harry/Ron; Remus/Sirius.
The thing is -- the thing of it is, is that Ron's a bit of a scatterbrain.

He's brilliant at his job, at being an Auror, at finding the details in things and sorting them out till they make sense in his head, but he's useless at mostly everything else. Harry's learnt that, over the past few years.

Snapshot. Draco/Ron.
A year ago, Ronald Weasley would never have admitted to having the slightest bit in common with Draco Malfoy. (Apart from the fact that they were both purebloods, Prefects, in Hogwarts, and that they hated each other as intensely as Hermione did Viktor Krum after he'd ended their relationship the previous Winter. They'd both also shagged Harry Potter.)

Snippet. Harry/Seamus.
"'Arry! What're you doing out in the wet?"

Harry looks up, finally seeing Seamus through the rain, in the stands. "You said on the field!" Harry yells back, almost indignant, but he trudges towards the stands anyway. "I thought you were late."

Seamus has the audacity to look confused. "The note said the showers."

Twelve: 1 2. Harry/Ron; Hermione/Remus; Oliver/Percy; Remus/Sirius; Fred/George.*
The war ends in three years, but after so long it hardly matters. No one survives, not even the Muggles, because the destruction is so wide-spread by then that those still alive wish they aren’t, because they’ve lost too much, too many, and Harry thinks with twisted humour that he can’t begin to pick up the pieces of this war even if he wanted to.

Iniquity. Draco.#
Draco found good people amusing. He really did.

Unexpected. Draco/Hermione.*
Ron was still throwing up slugs when they finally left him in peace.


Happenstance. Bobby/John.
You're grinning to yourself, watching Bobby fiddle with your zippo, when you vanish that evening. The world disappears for a second, then rights itself, and when you open your eyes, Bobby's still doing the same thing. Still got that Bic in his hands.

For a second, you think it's a mistake, you think nothing's changed, you hope, you hope. But then you see Bobby in the light: he's 20 years younger, hair a little shorter than it will be in the future, in your time, his body made up of lean angles instead of the softer planes you've gotten used to.

There's An Art To Everything (Except When There Isn't). Bobby/John; John/Dean; John/OFC; John/OMC.*
The only thing worse than knowing that Dean's been using him as a substitute is the realization that he's been doing the same damned thing.

He isn't sure what it says about him that he's having sex just to hear Bobby's voice in his head, other than that he's a perverted bastard.


Letters to Me. The Social Network; Mark/Eduardo.
Eduardo knows he's won, has a celebratory party his assistant arranged waiting for him at his hotel twenty-two floors down and three blocks away, and he's never felt worse.

Untitled Mpreg. The Chronicles of Narnia, movie-verse; Peter/Edmund.
Peter and Susan are still arguing, as they've been doing since he first stumbled out of the bathroom, apparently pregnant and utterly confused. "But how did this happen?" he hears Peter hiss. Susan's voice is cold as ice when she says, "Would you like a diagram, Peter, because I imagine you know the answer to that quite clearly."

Crossing Borders. Missing Brendan; Patrick/Tuyet.*
When he kisses her that night it's nothing but desperate, frantic heat, his hands on her cheek, her jaw, her neck. She catches his wrists, then, pinning them between their bodies, and he can feel her pulse against his skin like it's his own, a wild thing: da-dum, da-da-dum, da-dum.

From Start to End. One Tree Hill; Brooke/Lucas.*
The night Brooke makes him get the tattoo, Lucas asks her why she can't just stick to getting him drunk, and she grins, kisses his cheek and says, "normal's really not my style."

Numb. School of Rock; Freddy/Zack.
Zack felt drained, and his anger had long receeded to the back of his mind, forgotten like a distant childhood memory. He wondered if Freddy would fade into that, too, a flavor of something wonderfully forbidden, long lost.

When It's Not Enough. Blue; Duncan/Lee.
"It's not about what you want anymore," Duncan tried to force the bleak tone of his voice into something more substantial, something akin to anger, but it wouldn't come; "it's about the people you love, and the people who love you, and the people who don't measure up."

A Little on the Rough Side. Cruel Intentions RPF; Ryan/Sarah.
She struggled slightly, panic-stricken, till a familiar voice whispered in her ear, "You know, I get sick of having to always be the only one affected by your sexual innuendos in the damn movie."
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