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Title: (You've Got) That Pornstar Flava
Pairing: Chris-centric, with sides of Chris/AJ; Chris/JC; Chris/Justin; AJ/Brian; Justin/Nick; AJ/Nick; AJ/Justin; Jensen/Jared; David Cook/David Archuleta (I am an equal opportunist) all to varying degrees
Rating: R. ish.
Warnings: This is pretty much a pornstore AU? Only sans the porn.
Word count: ~33,500
Summary: AJ's only been working there a year and a half, give or take, so Chris can see why he doesn't get it. He's still at the stage where porn is shiny and exciting. Thing is, Chris has been a TRANS-PORN employee for almost twice that. After the first twenty thousand tapes, even the weird sex is boring.

Trailer | Reel One | Reel Two | Reel Three |

Bonus Features: Movie Commentary | Gag Reel | Behind The Scenes

Art by the stunningly talented ms. samibee, and she has, in true awesome form, posted the art in its full size along with extra tidbits here. (RUN, do not walk, RUN to this post.)

This story was my first attempt at anything this size (with the end goal being to actually publish it). It was honestly a collaborative effort, and I would never have been able to do it on my own.

Huge, huge thank yous must go to the following people for getting me through this (and getting through this with me!): samibee, for being so fucking phenomenal to work with, there are not enough words in the world to express my utter adoration. For your talent, your time, and all your emails; your art kept me going when I was sure I wouldn't be able to finish. I seriously lucked out getting you as an artist, and this challenge would have been a completely different monster without you. You understood what I was trying to say before I even said it, and I'm totally honored to say I popped your bittybang cherry. ♥ ♥ ♥

bubbleforest, for not only organizing the challenge, but for cheering, hand-holding, tantalizing with the world's most amazing carrots (YOU, WOMAN, YOU BREAK MY BRAIN, IDEK), sharing my squee even when you were half-comatose, and all-round general sparkly awesomeness. Ilu more than words can say, bb.

boomingvoice, for putting up with my request for a last minute beta, and coming through brilliantly. (I couldn't fix anything because of my shitty time management skills, dammit, but this story would have been so much better if I had.) Thank you for being there, offering advice, providing constant encouragement (and squee and whip-cracking), and for giving me the confidence not to drop out. I mean it when I say this story wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. <3

starafar, for being my active cheerleader, looking stuff over when I asked, fixing my stupid mistakes (fie on grammar!), and telling me when I got things wrong. (brain twin!)

trumpeterofdoom, for your constant MSN cheerleading, hand-holding and the will to finish that last-minute beta. <333 The boys (and their completed pornos) thank you.

inahurricane, for being the sole reason I finished Field of Sex. (Ack, I hope I did it justice!)

A double-dose of special thanks go out also to nopseud, lucy_fic, synecdochic, wanderingwombat, jewelianna, topaz119, ukcalico, alwayseven, and without_me and ramblinround for being generous enough to let me name-drop, and for writing some of the best porn the fandom has ever seen.
I enjoyed that so much! The elephant made me shriek, but the first time I actually laughed so hard I cried was the Hobbit scene. Awesome. AJ is a source of much delight. And then poor Chris, being fucked in the bad way, and - so much fun. Great stuff.
*giggles* i am ridiculously thrilled you liked it. when i sent bri my semi-last draft for a quick and dirty beta like half a day before the deadline, the hobbit scene hadn't been written yet. and she was all, "OMFG I HOPE YOU'RE KEEPING THIS", so i did, and it seems like the right decision so far!

i'm rambling, but what i really mean is, thank you so much for reading and i am psyched that you liked aj! he was the most fun to write!
Okay, I don't know everyone who showed up in the story, but I thought it was really wonderful! And I laughed out loud when J2 showed up, too. You just made me very very nostalgic for the good old days of popslash. :D
bwaha, i'm guessing the ones you didn't recognize were the newest american idol and the runner up. thank you so much for the comment, though, and i'm really glad the j2 worked! ;) also, this?

just made me very very nostalgic for the good old days of popslash

such a wonderful compliment, thank you!
Dude! The Hobbit Porn!!! Hahaha, I did not read that last time, that was so wrongfunny. Aww.. you know you are awesome :D And that this fic is awesome. *hugs you like crazy*
awwwwwwww, dude, i can't believe you went and read it all again! you got most of it in bits and pieces via email, so it's totally my fault that you haven't read it once through like properly before this, i suck.

BUT YAY! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. the hobbitporn seems to be a big highlight! *snort* <3333333333333
I really enjoyed that - beautifully funny, with some fabulous dialogue and I *wish* I was still reccing at crackvan because this would be going on the list in a second.

I love the relationships between them all, and I adore the way you write Chris. Thank you for a lovely morning's reading!
hee! thank you so much! that's such a lovely thing to hear. writing this story felt like pulling teeth, so i'm just really, really glad that the relationships came across well!

thank you so much for the feedback! :)
Wow, I felt like I’d been on a long rollercoaster ride reading this!! This fic just further clarifies what an AWESOME writer I think you are. I don’t even know what to say, just, the characterizations, the wickedly, funny dialogue, the pacing, everything was so GOOD!! And, just, you obviously put a lot of time and effort into doing all the bonus features as well the story itself and I loved the whole package. I liked that this was different to any of the other BBs I’ve read, so far, in that it didn’t focus on a specific pairing but on Chris’s journey.

Okay, so, there were so many bits I loved but I will pick out a few. The first part had so many bits that made me smile and laugh out loud including AJ watching the elephant porn and Chris’ reactions. And, OMG, later, the hobbit scene, had me in STITCHES!! Your AJ and Chris characters bounced off each other so well. I love how, outwardly, they’re so snarky towards each other but deep down we know they would do anything for each other.

And then they decide to make their own film and you enter big, blonde and fucking breathtaking Nick Carter! EEEP! I love the scene where AJ and Nick do the scene in the field, and then Chris makes them to do it again, because yes, who wouldn’t want to see that again. Field of sex – what can I say about this apart from, well, my reaction kinda matched AJ’s after they all watched it for the first time *ahem*. ;)

Of course, this being your story, The Davids had to make an appearance. I don’t really know much about them but it made me laugh that you made Justin such as a fan of Cook.

OMG the AJ/Brian scene with lines like this Brian has AJ pinned now, arms above his head, stretched languorously out over the bed so every inch of AJ's skin is covered with his own. just KILLED ME because really those two are my complete WEAKSPOT. And I love your Brian, here, the way he is in complete control of AJ and loving every second of it!!

And towards the end of the second part everything seems to be going so well. Chris goes and buys the store from Lou, and I was so happy that he was happy and rid of that evil man, and then suddenly it was ALL TAKEN AWAY! :( My heart sank for Chris at this point because life just hasn’t gone the way he wanted and finally it was looking up and then… :(

But that didn’t last long, luckily!! I loved how all of Chris’s friends rallied round him after that no matter how stubborn he decided to be and YAY that Cook gave him the break he needed!! And then I also cheered at the end when Chris finally saw that JC had been there this whole time waiting for him! Oh and I got a BONUS free recs list in the middle of all that as well. That was such a brilliant idea. I thought at that point I’d got to the end, but no, there were still all the Bonus features to come. I thought all of those were GENIUS by the way.

I’m sure there is more I could go on about but this is getting kinda long so I’ll stop! I am so glad you wrote this fic, it shows off your ENORMOUS TALENT as a writer and it was so much FUN to read!! <333

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! dude, i just - i don't even know what to say, oh my goodness. YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO ME! i gaped at this comment when i first saw it in my inbox for about half an hour, not gonna lie. it shows off your ENORMOUS TALENT as a writer and it was so much FUN to read - stunned, so stunned, and so proud, THANK YOU. that is such a huge compliment! <3 okay, i'm going to try to be coherent now (IT'S NOT GOING TO BE EASY, BUT I WILL TRY.)

i am so glad the fact that i was trying to focus on the journey came through. the pairings themselves have lost a little of that spark for me, after so long, so i really wanted to do something that would allow me to put less stock into the romance, and yay, it still worked! plus i am glad the sex scenes seem to have worked for you! i suck so hard at those (especially without mette *tear*) so i tried to take the comedic route, most times (BWAH). i'm glad people see to be enjoying that!

AND YAY AJ/BRIAN LOVE = WIN. so do rec lists! and if you have time, those stories are the best places to start with for porn! :D

also, SO RELIEVED you like the bonuses! i was worried that it would seem like too much towards the end, or something, but apparently not! which is a big comfort, because the j2 interview was one of the first things i wrote, and the other 2 epilogues were what i had the most fun doing for the story (not gonna lie), although the juni comes in a close second (heh). again, THANK YOU FOR READING AND THE AWESOME FB. you are so darling. ♥ ♥ ♥
You are totally welcome!! ♥

You should be PROUD, you are a GREAT writer! And no way were the bonusus too much. I could tell you had fun doing them and its like they bring the fic to life a little bit. I don't if that makes sense but its like the universe you created doesn't end with the fic, the bonus stuff tells us about what happens in the future.

It seems a bit trivial talking about this after reading your other post. I hope things work out for you and your family. I know from experience how hard it is when people in your own family just behave in such a hurtful way.

trivial or not, it made me feel so much better. even if my family is made up of complete assholes, at least i know i have my flist. :)

thanks, hon. *hugs*
i was just re-reading old comments and stuff (uh, not that this is something i do a whole lot, not at all) and then i stumbled across this, and--

Of course, this being your story, The Davids had to make an appearance. I don’t really know much about them


um, ilu. that is all. :D

Oh my god, this is AWESOME. And hilarious, and ♥♥ This is what I scribbled down while reading:

Howie is straight!!
AJ/Chris ♥ interactions
want this video!
Justin&Chris ♥!
I want this video more!!!
Metafiction! (as in, links to other stories)
bonus features!

So yes, a lot to be all !!! about. :)
want this video!
I want this video more!!!


thank you, this was such an awesome thing to wake up to! i'm so glad you had fun with it! :D
You know, I somehow didn't read this when the bitty bangs came about last year (possibly because it was so close to SeSa?) but anyway I've read it now! I LOVE IT NOW. I think that I totally adore the scene where Chris is going through pulling tapes for Cook (and Archie!!!!) and it's all other fic! YOU ARE BRILLIANT, DARLING!

This, THIS is AWESOME. It is seriously great! I kept wanting to kick Chris and be like, UM, HELLO JC!!!!!11111 He caught on eventually. Also, just the interworkings of the relationships and the store and LULZ Howie surprises EVERYONE by being straight. HAHAHA GREAT!

You did an AMAZING job as ALWAYS. *cheers*

honestly i love this story more than any other i have written before it in popslash, i think. so i am thrilled you liked it! \o/ and - just, ty for reading and for the fb, hon. it is always so awesome to wake up to! :D
This right here. OMFG. I will admit that I started reading this fic because of the pornstar flava ficlet with Cook&Archie, but good god am I happy I read the entire thing. You are my hero, and you deserve all the internets in the world for this one!
oh, wow. wow. holy crap i am so flattered that you sat through THIS WHOLE THING just for the davids! (especially since all they had were cameos!) you are a total trooper, and i am so glad you enjoyed this even when it's not quite your fandom! *______*

thank you so much for this lovely comment! :D