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Title: Future Unknown
Pairing: David Cook/David Archuleta (eventually :D)
Rating: PG. ish.
Warnings: There will be UST. And fluff. And... David may be too adorable to handle.
Summary: This is a collaboration between myself and my hugely, gorgeously talented wife, hopefulgenius - which, ha, I am actually jealous of myself right now, my life is so awesome. The premise: the boys star in their own reality TV show.

Pilot: hello beautiful
Episode 2: All The Different Ways
Episode 3: streetlight people
Episode 4: Between Limits
Episode 5: begging for a backbeat
Episode 6: Freefall
Episode 7: it's a problem, i'm dealing
Episode 8: Cyclothymic
Episode 9: where have you been?
Finale: Present Perfect Progressive

And, which reality TV show would be complete without it's own absolutely famazing website? All artwork, including the spiffy banner here, done by the fantastically talented starafar.

That is AMAZING! I am totally blown away and absolutely loving everything about this... the site, the stories, the writing, the design... It's faster just to say Every Fucking Single Thing!

~Mama E.
<3333 tysm! this really feels like the collaboration from heaven! :D everything just came together so quickly!
So I just friended you so I can keep up with this. Absolutely amazing! I'm in love :D
hee, aww! thank you so much! i hope you enjoy your stay!
oh look what I found while I was stalking natalie.



no but wait i'm pretty sure something happened before this.
okay, idk, i can't find it rn but, I FEEL POSITIVE THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME ACE SAID SOMETHING. unless it was and the time i'm thinking of is the second time. idk.

although i always remember the second comment as the beginning because ace was like "NOW I AM ATTEMPTING TO WRITE MY OWN COOKLETA OMG" i was like ohhhhhhhhhhhh i have the feeling this is going to be the start of something great. and i was right. :D
(Deleted comment)
hee! i'm glad people are liking this, seriously. it's kind of awesome. :D

and yes, absolutely.
I just found your cookleta fic and I pretty much love it all (You get Cook and Archie's voices just right!), so I'll be stalking you via friends list, 'kay?
hee! oh my gosh, thank you so much for letting me know, you are far too sweet! :D and feel free to stalk friend away! we are very open peoplez here.
You do know I totally love this, right? From "Salutations!" (Cookie, you are SO obvious!) to "Previously..." and every single gorgeous word thereof ;) And, YES, you should totally be jealous of yourself ;)

Much love to you and your gorgeously talented wife ;) xx
*giggles* i am definitely going to pass this on to starafar, too, who's the genius mind behind all the blog entries!
Just wanted to say that I adore this story and the website? Incredible! I just wish it was a real tv show <3 You have made me fall in love with this and I can't wait for more.

Thanks for all the hard work - it is much appreciated!
heee! thank you so much! any hard work is more than worth it when we hear that people are enjoying the verse! :D much of the credit has to go to starafar; her website totally makes this verse all the more fun to work with! :D
Any ETA on the next installment? You can't leave it there! It would just be too mean...
i'm hoping to get it up soon, but with college back in session, rl is kind of kicking my butt, so i can't make any promises. it's definitely going to be finished, though! :)
Wow, can I add you? Both of you? I think this is amazing, really really really really really amazing :DDD
I love this story, I can't wait for the next part! ^^

Do you remember the name of the theme you used for the website? I followed the link at the bottom, but it doesn't go to that theme's page, and I can't find it in between all the others on that site. It's a fantastic theme, and I'd really like to try it on my Wordpress blog.
The theme's called Scarlett, and it's available on that website: http://www.web2feel.com/scarlett-theme/
Thank you! And woot, the final part is up! XD *goes to read it*
(Deleted comment)
i giggled so much when i read this, thank you! i'm so glad you enjoyed it! (:
(Deleted comment)
lmfao! clearly the fates were waiting for the perfect moment to introduce us! :D
(Deleted comment)
BAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh you are too adorable for words~

i'm in the thomson area, actually. are you somewhere nearby?